Hi, and thank you for visiting Lumelle.
Unfortunately, this site is no longer active, and will officially shut down in May 2016.

Three years ago, I had a simple idea...to use technology to help women make new friends.
The last 3 years have been nothing short of an amazing, life changing adventure. A few of the crazy, absolutely insane things I did during my Lumelle journey, includes:
1) Quitting my law job as in house counsel to dedicate 1000% of my time to Lumelle
2) Borrowing 40k from mom and dad to create Lumelle.com (parents are great!)
3) Put 10k of my own money into Lumelle for interns, a PR team, events, etc. (I will likely be paying this credit card debt for the next few years)
4) Worked at a Bikram Yoga Studio for free for 6 months in exchange for a shout out in their newsletter (I cannott tell you how many times I cleaned the toilets, touched super sweaty towels/yoga mats, and did about 1000 loads of laundry)
5) Pitched the idea to a room full of male businessmen, one of whom was my uncle who kindly told me, If Lumelle is successful it will be because of luck, not because of you. You are not a business woman.
6) Moved from NYC to LA, without a job, without knowing anyone in LA...to build a team for Lumelle

I have no complaints. I am grateful for the experience. I would do it all again in a New York minute.
But, starting a startup alone is lonely. Human beings are social creatures. And I was working on a startup to help women make new friends, without friends helping me (oh, the irony). I am taking a hiatus. Putting this idea on pause until I have a team.
While I am sad to say goodbye for now, it is incredibly important to understand that helping women find friends, and feel connected will always be in my soul and part of my purpose. I will never stop thinking about how to solve this problem. I will never stop thinking about this community. I will never stop being your friend.

I hope that you will keep in touch. You can reach me at: nj@nerminjasani.com or follow me at nerminjasani.com.
Cheers, Lumelles.